14 August 2011

Make your own mayonnaise & mayonis ! ;p

lama gila aku tak update blog !!! jadi nak ucap SELAMAT BERPUASA ;)

tiba tiba aku teringat aku pernah kate nak bagitau cara buat mayonnaise mase aku tulis cara nak buat yoghurt dulu. How to make your own mayonnaise ? its soo simple ! Lets try ? ;p

what u need ?
  • egg (separate yolk & white egg )
  • vinegar (ex; apple cider - 1 to 2 table spoon)
  • salt ( a bit )
  • oil (any types of oil - agak2 )
  • blender / mixer

ini mayonis

  1. yolk + vinegar + salt - mix in blender or mixer for 3o sec at medium speed
  2. add 1 tablespoon of oil into running blender . a quarter teaspoon at a time
  3. continue adding oil , still a quarter at a time until about half of the oil is in the mixture
  4. pour the remaining oil in a slow steady stream

p/s ; DO TRY IT ;p kalau tak jadi sile rotan tuan blog ini ! h e h e h e



Anonymous said...

wah mayonise !! boleh jadi brand syu plak nanti haha, takda vinegar ohhh

♥ shoeshe si budak comot ♥ said...

hehehehehehe ! ;p


FoLLowers~! ^_^

shout , please ? ;p